Member Spotlight: Maya T. Grevatt

By March 16, 2021Member Spotlights

Maya T. Grevatt
Executive Search Consultant, Development Guild DDI

I graduated from Clark University with a master’s in public administration in 2016 and have been working as a Nonprofit Consultant with Development Guild DDI ever since. As a consultant, I partner with leaders at high-performing, mission-driven organizations to bring them the talent, planning, and expertise they need to accomplish ambitious growth and impact goals. In addition to leading client projects, I am also responsible for driving internal priorities that strengthen the firm’s culture and market position, including DEI programming and innovation within our executive search services. My professional passion is in working with sophisticated, strategic leaders, and in thinking about complex organizational development questions.

Why did you join TWT and what are you hoping to achieve as a member of the organization?

I joined TWT after being invited by a current member. I am an extreme extrovert and like many, have found the pandemic very isolating. I am so excited to be part of an actively engaged and thoughtful group of women doing ambitious work across every professional field. The generosity of spirit has impressed me already, and I look forward to getting to know more members on a deeper level.

What is one of your most proud professional moments and what are you most looking forward to professionally in the next five years?

One of the accomplishments I am most proud of is the accelerated growth path I have had at Development Guild. With three promotions over four years, I have had the amazing opportunity to grow into leading client projects early on in my career. In the next five years I am looking forward to expanding my management experience and would like to supervise a team. I am excited to apply my experience helping clients to do their clearest thinking and best work to the support, motivation and mentorship of direct reports.

What do you do in your “free” time?

I enjoy getting to know people through volunteer programs, and am currently a coach to first generation college seniors through a program called Braven, a member of the Institutional Advancement Committee for EMPathways, a Boston-based, women-focused economic mobility organization, and a volunteer with FriendshipWorks, working to reduce elder isolation and loneliness. Outside of my 9-5 I also manage and write articles for Both Sides of the Search, aimed at supporting professionals struggling with a job search or professional development. To relax, I spend a lot of time in the gym, lifting and doing interval workouts from my cross-country days on the treadmill.

3 Core Values (i.e. Loyalty, hard work, independence)

Curiosity: I have found that always bringing a sense of curiosity to work, daily life, and relationships allows me to stay authentic, openminded, and non-judgmental.

Humor: It’s important to always appreciate the levity and absurd in a situation, especially when people are feeling burned out or frustrated. We have so many difficult and universal experiences -especially over the past year- but laughing about it helps.

Generosity: It is very important to me to put time and attention into supporting and elevating other people, and to appreciate the mutual benefit of doing so.

Fun Fact/What makes YOU, you?

I love a good prank. From super simple to excessively planned, nothing makes my day like pulling off a perfect prank. I’m lucky that my friends and family don’t take themselves too seriously, because they are usually on the receiving end!


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