Why Participate in Mentoring?

Tomorrow’s Women TODAY, The Boston Women’s Leadership Council believes that mentoring – whether formal or informal – is an extremely important component to professional career development. As such, mentoring is defined as a key tenet of our mission.  Our mentoring programs provide an opportunity for our members to connect with industry leaders and peers through formal and informal programs designed to enhance knowledge, while providing a friendly environment for addressing personal and professional challenges and successes.

Formal and informal mentoring relationships provide an opportunity for the involved parties to share information, transfer knowledge and share experiences and view points based on the personal and career experiences of the parties.

Why Mentor?

Mentoring is a great way to promote your legacy as a leader.  Sharing your knowledge and experience with an emerging leader can not only help develop her leadership style and impart wisdom, but also serve as a guide for her future career choices. It’s also a valuable way to stay informed of the current issues and challenges women face as they grow their careers.

Why Be Mentored?

Participating in the mentoring program as an emerging leader means having access to one of Boston’s top executives in order to ask her opinion on a topic you are working on, discuss your career path, and learn how she’s climbed the career ladder.  Having a mentor is a powerful way to connect with and learn from an experienced leader who has already charted the course.

How can you get involved?

Mentoring opportunities are available to all members. To join Tomorrow’s Women TODAY, please complete the membership application. Please note, your information will remain confidential to our membership committee and will not be shared with third parties.
If you are interested in mentoring or would like to know more about Tomorrow’s Women TODAY'S mentoring events, contact Lauren Pimpare at [email protected]